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released dec 2021, trance


This track combines some ideas from my unfinished project #64 with the "tides" theme from 2009. Title and cover refer to a small private beach festival at Heidkate beach in North Germany. Like always the music was created with Ableton Live studio. Mastering and publishing in the shops by Landr.

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released dec 2020, trance


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released june 2019


slow deep trance. dedicated to the star Arktur. Google it.

produced by wellenschein with Ableton Live suite. mastering by


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Tides (Fehmarnsund mix)

released aug 2018



remix of my 2009 track "Tides" for a drone flight video over the Fehmarnsund/ Fehmarn/ Germany. produced by wellenschein with Ableton Live suite (rel 9). mastering by


download track on soundcloud * video on youtube


the Voyager tracks

released dec 2017



The twin space probes Voyager 1 and Voyager took off from our planet 40 years ago and are today the man made objects in largest distance to us - far outside our solar system. As a tribute to them 2 trance tracks are published in Dec 2017.


creation with Ableton Live * mastering by * background picture of cover by  DasWortgewand

-> stream and download on Jamendo:  Voyager 1 and Voyager 2

wellenschein vs. Astralasia: The Sea (2017 Remix)

wellenscheins remix released nov 2017

trance/ chillout


a remake of the 2001 track "The Sea" by Astralasia



creation with Ableton Live * mastering by * background picture of cover by  Kathi Ahrens

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released june 2016

trance/ chillout


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Sands (left lane remix)

released february 2016



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Last Summerdays

released oct 2015

breakbeat/ trance/ Chill


Grand Piano, M Tron Strings, Conga, Flange Harp, Epic Grain Lead, Beeps and Breakbeats. 120 bpm

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released aug 2015

trance/ minimal


just an accident while trying to finish some messed tunes...


generation voll schön

released june 2015

ambient, trance


a track as a tribute to the times around Berlin 1995


Bright new day

released nov 2014

uplifting/ trance

created during an autumn vacation at the westcoast of Danmark. good mood chillout emotional zappeltechno..


Cute blonde

released oct 2014

progressive trance


inspired by a porn movie - finished and published at the 3rd of Oct as result of about 6 month of ideas and tryout sessions (with the music..not with the movie ;-)



released sept 2014



my first political to remind us, that history repeats continiously and that we are not able to learn from our mistakes. we in the western countries are living in a tower of dreams and all around us the world is on fire


Easy up

released june 2014

progressive trance


Easy up is a mix of some experimental sound samples with reverse sound samples from previous songs of mine and several percussion instruments. I used alot of delay in the tracks to add wide space athmosphere.


The trail

released dec 2013

experimental/ trance


The girl with the broken car

released dec 2013

downbeat/ house


Project 36

released aug 2013

trance/ downbeat/ chill


Lakomys Funkelfest

released aug 2013

trance remix * Reinhard Lakomy was a german composer, singer and songwriter who influenced me during my childhood with his colorful children`s songs. Today my kids are listening to his ballads. Lakomy died in spring 2013, which made me producing this electronic remix of his song Funkelfest from 1983.


Tides (frozen waters remix)

released march 2013

trance/ chillout


Frosch & Maus

released feb 2013



Disarmed & Crosschecked


house/ trance


play it (from jamendo)


Gate B05


house/ experimental


published only as video under the project name of "jepe ji":

Sand under my feet

released aug 2010



Icerain IV (floating remix)

released 2010

trance/ chillout



released 2009

progressive trance


original mix:

the "birds eye remix" from the songs "tides"...with pictures from a flight over baltic coastlines in june 2010 - available as youtube video and published under the project name "jepe ji":